Boat animation

Our team on board consists of an experienced crew which is with us many years. There is a cook present on every boat and he prepares meals for our customers.


Let's not forget the animation team, whose main role is to entertain our clients during the trip.

This is how it starts.

You will welcome the clients before the trip starts, and make them feel comfortable.

After the boat leaves the port, you will kindly offer them a welcome drink and start asking each client what they would like to eat later on (they can choose between fish, meat or vegetarian).

After 50 minutes of sight-seeing we will reach the most southern point of Istria: at "Cape Kamenjak" where underwater cave can be found. There will be a stop for around 30 minutes.

Your role here is really important!

  • who wants will jump into the water with you

  • show them the entrance to the cave and how to enter

  • take care about their security

  • make sure that every tourist goes back on board

After this break the ride continues around "Porer": an austro-hungarian lighthouse.

During this panoramic tour, it is your turn to entertain the costumers: you will explain them a short history about the lighthouse (construction date, its function, etc.).

It doesn’t have to sound like a high-school performance, feel free to tell jokes, to laugh with them, stay easy!


The next stop will be a brunch or lunch break. The boat stops in a calm bay where a Croatian authentic meal will be served on board. Here your job is simple: usually one animator stays behind the bar and prepares the drinks and the other serves the different meals. You will do this duty at each boat-trip (in the high-season twice a day).

Teamwork represents a stronghold for us and for this reason we always try to integrate the „new“ co-workers in our team as fast  as possible. Our opinion is, that fun and good working atmosphere are the basis for a successful job.


Our company is looking for serious and motivated co-workers (trainees or workers) for the summer season, who are willing to come to one of the top holiday-destinations in Croatia.


To work with us, you won’t need any previous knowledge in tourist animation (but a previous experience can be a great advantage).


  • willingness to learn

  • age between 18-35 years old

  • good physical condition and swimming ability

  • ambition and motivation to work

  • a positive and extroverted personality

  • being open-minded and having good hospitality manners

  • have knowledge in English and German (and/ or other languages)

  • being in position of a functional smartphone

  • have at least 8 weeks availability in the period between end of April and end of October

A good animator should not be shy and should have an open-minded and easy-going personality; your mission is to give our customers an amazing time! You should spend 6 hours with unknown people and speak with them, tell them jokes, ask them if they need something and answer their questions and needs. You should know how to adapt to different type of persons, and make sure that a pleasant environment constantly stays on board.

Moreover, every day you will have the chance to swim in the wonderful underwater cave with crystal-clear blue water; you will breath the sea air; enjoy the sun; and meet people from all around the world!

This experience will help to shape your character, being more open-minded, make great connections and moreover improve your language skills (especially in English and German).


You should be aware that you will work in very hot environment (especially in July and August). We advise you to bring a strong sun cream  and drink enough water throughout the day.


The company will provide you T-shirts with the company logo on it, these you will have to wear at work.

Workers on board will daily get lunch, which means that one meal is provided by us every day.

Obviously, you should have a good time here with us in Croatia. Nevertheless, sometimes workers unfortunately confuse work with vacations, even though we make it clear from the beginning. That is why we are looking for people who are ready to work and who want to come here to have a good time under the sun of Croatia while earning some money.

The majority of workers we had were thrilled and excited by this experience, for this reason they came back every summer.

In order to avoid disappointments, we ask you to apply only if you are serious and truly interested in the job offer.

We want to be sure, that we will have a great season all together!


If you are willing to do an internship in the area of tourism or marketing: please inform us at the time of your application!

We would be more than happy to sign your internship certificate.
In case you want to apply for an Erasmus Mobility scholarship, we would also help you and eventually sign the Learning Agreement for your university, as long as the requirements match with our work offer.

We hope to get in touch with you soon :)


Team Medulin Excursions